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The Best Education Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The Best Education Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Shop the Best Educational Montessori Toys

When it comes to finding the best educational Montessori toys for toddlers, can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your little one. Fortunately, 5LMonkeys offers a wide selection of online toys for toddlers that are both fun and educational across the GCC including UAE and KSA. From Montessori toys to wooden toys, there is something for every toddler.

What Age is Best to Start Montessori?

When it comes to the question of when the best age is to start Montessori, the answer is that it depends on the individual child. Some children may be ready for Montessori as early as two years old, while others may not be ready until they are five or six. It is important to consider the individual needs of the child when deciding when to start Montessori.

No matter what age a child is, Montessori can be beneficial. It's necessary to keep in mind that every child is different and will grow at a different pace

5 Little Monkeys has a wide selection of Montessori toys and wooden toys that are perfect for toddlers. From Montessori busy boards to wooden puzzles, there is a toy for every child.

Why Are Montessori Toys Better Than Ordinary Toys?

Montessori toys have a lot of benefits over other types of toys in the market. Montessori toys are better than ordinary toys because they are made from natural materials, and they encourage the child to use their imagination. This is important because it encourages children to use their creativity instead of just playing with a toy that has instructions for them on how to play with it.

Why Does Montessori Use Wood Toys?

Montessori uses wood toys for several reasons. For starters, wood is a natural material that is both durable and long-lasting. It is also a safe material for children to use because it is free of toxins and chemicals.

Montessori toys wood also provide children with a better sensory experience. The natural texture of the wood reinforces the child's sensory abilities. Also, the natural appearance of wood can be visually stimulating, providing an interesting and engaging experience for children.

What is a Montessori Nursery?

A Montessori nursery is a type of nursery that is based on Dr. Maria Montessori's educational philosophy. This philosophy focuses on increasing the value of learning through exploration and discovery.

A Montessori nursery places kids in developmentally appropriate learning environments where they can freely choose the activities they want to do, which helps develop their learning capabilities and exploration.

Is Montessori Nursery Good for My Child? And why?

Montessori nurseries are becoming more popular among parents looking for an alternative to traditional nurseries.

A Montessori nursery is designed to be as natural and homelike as possible. The furniture is low to the ground, and the toys and materials are appropriate and safe for children of all ages. The environment is also designed to be pleasing, with natural colors and textures, and plenty of natural light.

The Montessori nursery focuses on the significance of play as a way of learning. Children are encouraged to explore and discover their surroundings, and they are given the freedom to choose their own activities. The materials and activities are mostly safe, allowing children to learn through trial and error.

Respect for the environment is another important thing in Montessori nursery. Children are encouraged to participate in environmental-friendly activities like gardening and recycling.

The Montessori nursery also stresses the value of independence. Children are urged to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own actions. This helps to build a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem in children.

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How can you create a Montessori nursery in 10 steps?

It goes without saying that we are huge fans of the Montessori approach. So, we were thrilled to discover a way to bring some of that philosophy into our own homes: by establishing a Montessori nursery in your own home!

Here are 10 steps you can take to create your own Montessori space at home:

1. Choose a room with plenty of natural light and a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Use low shelves and furniture that is easy for your baby to reach.

3. Choose furniture and decor that is simple and uncluttered.

4. Use natural materials such as wood, cotton, and wool.

5. Choose toys and activities that are designed for your baby's age and development.

6. Use a variety of textures and colors to stimulate your baby's senses.

7. Place a comfortable rug on the floor for your baby to explore.

8. Hang mobiles and other visual stimuli at your baby's eye level.

9. Place a mirror and other reflective surfaces in the room.

10. Make sure your child has a secure enough space to explore.

Best Montessori Toys List

Here is a list of the most famous toys sold in 5lmonkeys. This list is designed to help you find the educational toys Montessori for your child:

● Magnetic Construction Set.

● Carrot Wooden Toy Shape.

● Tracing Wooden Board.

● Montessori Busy Board Simulated Steering Wheel.

Magnetic Construction Set

This magnetic building set is a classic children's toy. This is a fun toy that can be played with both alone and in groups of adults or kids at home or at a party. Children can easily create 2D and 3D constructions that are also simple to disassemble and reassemble using magnetic rods and balls. This toy is perfect for preschool toddlers in a stem education center, kindergarten, or school.

Carrot Wooden Toy Shape

If you are looking for a perfect baby toy, our carrot-shaped wooden toy is made of non-toxic materials and built to last.

It is one of the best educational toys for 2-year-old children to learn animal names and food as well. Moreover, this carrot wooden toy can be used as an imaginative building machine or a catch-a-fish game with your kids.

Tracing Wooden Board

Our wooden letter tracing boards can satisfy your child's desire to learn to write. Our alphabet practice board toys are designed specifically to provide a multi-sensory experience for preschoolers. The rounded, smooth grooves provide a way to improve hand-eye coordination by using obstacles that regulate hand movements and muscle memory.

Montessori Busy Board Simulated Steering Wheel

The simplicity of our Montessori Busy Board Simulated Steering Wheel makes it perfect for young children. With bright and cheerful colors, they are great for stimulating children's visual development, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. In addition, the steering wheel toy encourages logical thinking and independence in young children.


Montessori toys help to foster and promote your child's development as they grow. They are made from materials that are age-appropriate, such as natural fibers and particular textures, to encourage a wide range of capabilities, like color matching, shape recognition, and problem-solving. A Montessori educational toy will improve your child's ability to get along with other children, as well as their overall development.


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