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5 Little Monkeys

For The Curious

5 Little Monkeys LTD is a UK-based educational toy and parenting store that sells learning tools and toys that help parents support their children's growth.

We're all about providing practical help for parents and early-age educators alike as they navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of raising a child. Our products are inspired by Montessori principles, which are designed to help kids learn through play and experimentation.

We also have a blog where we share information on parenting, inspiring books, nutrition, and more! Whether you're looking for tips on how to create an engaging learning environment for your little one or just want to know what's new in the world of toys, we've got you covered.

Our company 5 Little Monkeys is run by a team of parents and education experts who know what you're going through and want to help make parenting easier for everyone.

You can contact us either through our website chat box or by emailing us at

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